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Social Brothers’ Menu of Monthly Services 2.0

Using Social Media to grow your business is not as easy as setting up a profile on any given network. It takes a strategic plan and consistent daily action to grow your brand. This is a very time consuming process that can take hours out of your day, even longer if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. This is why we offer an all inclusive monthly management service.

Allow us to manage your networks to ensure your profiles are helping and supporting your message while growing your business. Spend your time running your business and taking care of your customers while knowing your Social Media profiles are being handled completely and professionally. Our monthly services are easy to understand, we manage your profiles completely from Status Updates to audience building. Our team is professional and educated to ensure your profiles are managed correctly. Here is what EVERY profile you have us manage includes;

•  Setup/Makeover of the profile

•  New Images/Banners/Content/Plugins

•  Monthly Maintenance

•  Spam Monitoring/Deletion

•  Removing “spam” and “junk” posts/comments

•  Posting of 1 – 3 status updates/weekday

•  Content provided by Client or Social Brothers or Combination

•  Posting 3rd party articles and blog posts

•  Tend to Questions/Comments (Network Specific)

•  Respond or Get Response for Posting

•  Using Approved Content (Pre-Written)

•  Making Client aware and getting response to post

•  Customer Service

•  Audience Building (Network Specific)

•  Reputation Monitoring

•  Monthly Strategic Planning Conference/Meeting

•  Monthly Analytic Report


All Networks


Facebook Monthly Package             First Month; $363 for Setup & $429 each month after

•  Maintaining of Photo Banner – So your message is always seen•  Content Sharing

•  Upload of Images/Videos

•  Audience Building (Facebook Specific)

•  Like of similar Pages & Communities

•  Commenting/Answering Questions within these Pages & Communities



Facebook Specifics


Twitter Monthly Package                    First Month; $189 for Setup & $429 each month after

•  Posting of 1 – 3 status updates/weekday

•  Includes ReTweets

•  Audience Building (Twitter Specific)

•  Following of Followers

•  Following Target Audience

•  Using Appropriate Hashtags(#)

•  Tend to Questions/Comments

•  Direct Messages

•  @mentions

•  Monitoring and Responding


Twitter Specifics


YouTube Monthly Package                    First Month; $209 for Setup & $309 each month after  

•  Content Sharing

•  Uploading Videos

•  Tags and Description for Videos

•  Audience Building (YouTube Specific)

•  Liking Similar Videos

•  Commenting on Similar Videos

•  Subscribing to other similar Channels

•  Tend to Questions/Comments

•  Direct Messages

•  Friend/Subscriber Requests


YouTube Specifics


Empire Avenue Monthly Package                First Month; $179 for Setup & $469 each month after

•  Unique Network Specifics

•  Writing Shareholder Message (1 per week)

•  Endorsing Blogs

•  Responding to Shareholder Messages

•  Audience Building (Empire Avenue Specific)

•  Purchasing Shares of Target Market

•  Joining Communities

•  Posting in Communities

•  Responding to Posts in Communities

•  Interacting with Shareholders

•  Tend to Questions/Comments

•  Profile Posts

•  Community Involvement


EmpireAvenue Specifics

 Don’t see a Social Media Network listed here that you want us to manage? Since there are so many networks we have only listed our most popular requests, Contact Us for a quote on any others you want managed.

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