The Brothers

A Little Insight into Trevor…

I am an entrepreneur at heart starting my career during my junior year of High School and opening my first company at age 18. I have worked for myself ever since. I enjoy challenges and being able to turn an idea into reality. By age 21 I owned two businesses and was a major player in a third. My companies range from doing online marketing, to real estate. Having used Social Media as a tool to help my businesses grow, my brother and I decided to partner our companies and create Social Brothers, which would be my 3rd company.

Even though I love what I do, I do not consider what I do, who I am. I am a grateful and caring individual that LOVES to give. I go out of my way to make people smile and often told that I am a “fixer.” By this, I mean that if you have a problem and share it with me I will almost always give you my idea of how to fix it or see it in a more positive way. I enjoy many outdoor activities including camping, fishing, sailing, hiking, star gazing and watching a sunset/sunrise. I also have a passion for driving and writing. If you want to get to know me more, connect with me on one of the many social networks I am a part of.

I look forward to networking with you!

Q What is your main responsibility at Social Brothers?

I am a people’s person, that is why my main responsibility at Social Brothers is communicating with our clients and potential clients and ensuring that they are having the best possible experience with us.

Q Why do you do it?

Ever since I can remember I have loved helping people. Social Brothers in a sense helps people achieve their goals within their business. I get great joy knowing that we are helping businesses advance and grow as a direct result of what we offer.

Q What should everyone know about you?

I am talkative. It is not uncommon for my emails to be lengthy and my conversations to be longer than they maybe should be. On the right topics I could talk for hours, however that does not mean I don’t know when to keep conversations short. After all, I know that your time is valuable and that you are busy.

A Little Insight into Nicholas…

I started my entrepreneurial and detail oriented career at a very young age. From making hand-made crafts with my Mom, to owning and managing my own business and partnering with my brother Trevor and Andrew in Social Brothers, my career is very satisfying. On the side, I love taking helicopter lessons, sailing, and spending time with my family and my husky Tasha.

I started my first company, Nakis Enterprises, LLC in 2006 which provides research analysis and contract services with Real Estate. In 2009, Nakis Enterprises expanded into field services as well. Nakis Enterprises has consulted for a wide range of areas from courier services, to real estate rehabbing projects, to logo design. I found that I really enjoyed designing logos and in 2011, Nakis Enterprises partnered with Family First Services to create Social Brothers to support businesses with their social media profiles and campaigns by relieving the time consuming maintenance and setup from them so they can focus on what matters most, Their Business!

I am dedicated in all aspects of my life and am committed to growing Social Brothers with one goal in mind, to help you.

A Little Insight into Andrew…

Hello, I’m Andrew, Nerd Extraordinaire. I’ve been passionate about technology for as long as I can remember. I remember how fascinated I was when my family got its first computer. Ever since then I’ve made it my goal to understand and master computers in every way I can. I learned HTML in the seventh grade and was instantly taken by the idea that I could create a webpage from nothing and put it on the internet for any to see. I immediately began consuming as much knowledge as I could get about the internet and how it worked. I was fascinated by how easy it was to reach out and connect with people I’d never met and probably never would. I saw so much potential in the internet and I wanted more! When I was about 16 I started a small business selling used video games and video game systems on eBay. I experienced limited success and knew there had to be a better way so I again began to consume as much knowledge about the advances in website technology as I could. I began learning new languages in order to expand the things I could do with a website. I learned CSS and PHP. I put those skills to work whenever I could, including designing and building an entire back-end system for a real-estate company. It was the largest project I had ever under-taken and the knowledge and experience I gained from that project sticks with me today.

I put building websites aside for a little while and headed off to college to pursue a degree in “Computer Engineering with an Emphasis on Avionics.” About my third year in college I had an idea and began working on a new website. I put all of my skills to the test and I eventually created a complete e-commerce website from scratch. No pre-built platform. No e-commerce plugin. Nothing. I wanted complete customization and complete control over the site and the design. I am proud to say that my e-commerce site is still around and steadily growing today. I am looking forward to my next big website project to challenge my current skill set and force me to expand it. Might it be your website?