Will Social Media Replace My Website?

I know we talk a lot about social media, including facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin and google +; and their importance to business and using it correctly and how to best use these networks to grow your audience and build trusting relationships with current and potential clients/customers. However, I think we should touch base on the importance of having a website on occasion as well, because without this piece of the puzzle, all your social media efforts may just be in vane.

All too many times when we are talking with clients of ours or during our consultations we are asked, Can I get rid of my website once I’m on Social Media? or Can I stop updating my website or just leave it as is? And just like our answer to other forms of marketing… each and every time our answer is a resounding NO! This is why… Social Media is a tool, a relationship building/maintaining tool in fact, that compliments your website. It works in harmony with your site by educating, building trust and taking care of complaints and compliments you receive from customers in near real time. Getting rid of a website or stopping its maintenance and updates is like getting rid of your top salesman… is this really what you want to do?!?

Not to mention websites do the things that Social Media falls short of accomplishing, like selling and providing greater detail on information for products and services. This is why having an up to date and functioning website as well as one that isn’t dated is just as important as having a solid social media strategy with optimized and efficiently used networks.Social media when used properly will almost always point back the website by referring someone to a certain article, piece of information or to make that purchase.

Likewise social media is present on the website in the form of being able to connect with you on these various platforms, this is simply for those people that may be on the fence about purchasing your product or service. These connections from the site to the networks allows you to stay connected with these potential customers/clients to build that relationship and keeping your name at the top of the list until they are ready to buy or move forward.

Social Media does will not replace your website and a good website will not replace your Social Media. It is important to spend enough time on both tools to ensure that each one is preforming to the best of their ability.

Want us to review your website and provide feedback on what you might be able to tweak to get the most out of it? Contact us and put “Website Review” in the subject line for a free website audit! 


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