Should You Buy Fans For Your Facebook Fan Page?

Buying Facebook Fans

First off, if you didn’t know that you could purchase Fans off popular sites like or, you can. However, before you run off and buy a 1000 Fans or more read the rest of this short, informative article on why you don’t want to do that.

Many business owners are misled to believe that the number of Fans you have is the most important aspect of Social Media marketing. Because of this belief many will search the internet for resources on how to get a high number of Fans and then it is only a matter of time before they find out you can purchase bulk Fans. Little do they know, they might have just taken a step towards setting up their Fan Page for failure. Lets look at why.

Target Market 

One of the biggest reasons it does not make sense to purchase Fans in bulk is you have no idea who those Fans are, likely they are going to be 1000 random people throughout the entire world. Because of this very few if any are actually going to be your target market. It is our opinion that in most cases you will have more fake users “like” your page than you will have your target market. What good does 1000 Fans do for you if they don’t care who you or what you’re offering, none!


I’m sure you are asking what is Edgeranking? It is the term/calculation Facebook uses to determine how important a fanpage’s status updates are. One factor that most individuals purchasing Fans never take into consideration is their Edgeranking score within Facebook. Edgeranking, in simple terms, is how important your status updates are within Facebook. The better Edgeranking you have, the more of your Fans that will see your status updates. Edgeranking is a very complicated calculation that we will not be covering in this article, however a big portion of the ranking is based off Edgerankingthe level of engagement on your Page. Meaning, are people liking and commenting on your status updates, if so this increases your Edgeranking and allows more Fans to see your updates. If you purchased 1000 Fans, they are not likely to engage with you because they don’t have an interest in what you’re offering. This will drastically effect your Edgeranking, which will result in less Fans seeing your posts.New Fans Will Get BuriedThe one benefit we’ve seen from purchasing Fans is that it is easier to get additional users to “like” the page once it appears established. However, the problem arises that once the new user that actually has an interest in what you’re offering will “like” your page and maybe spend a little bit of time right there on the Page before exiting. That user will likely never land on your page again. In most cases the only time a user will find a Page they have “liked” again is through status updates and because your Edgeranking is going to be much lower due to lack of engagement, it is unlikely that your small handful of users that have an interest in what you’re offering will ever actually see the status update.


These are just three big reasons why it’s recommended that you do not purchase Fans. Build your network the right way and attract your target market. There are several different techniques out there to help you build your Fan base. However, just like everything else there is no easy or quick way to building a strong audience. And always remember that it is better to have 100 Fans from your target market, than 1000 Fans that don’t care about what you’re offering.

Have you bought Fans in the past? What has your experience been? Share your thoughts in the comments field below. 



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