10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be Using Social Media

Many business owners have been told they should be using Social Media. Most have heard of networks such as Facebook and Twitter. However, many aren’t sure of the WHY they should be on Social Media. In this short article we will share with you 10 facts on why your business should be using Social Media.

1. Millions Of Users; Facebook recently updated their stats and now claim that they have 800-million users, with roughly 400-million users logging in once a day. Twitter has roughly 170-million users and this number is growing each day.

2. Spend Time Where Your Target Market Spends Time; with the above information it’s obvious that your target market is likely using Social Media on a very consistent basis. Your brand needs to build a presence where your target market spends their time.

3. Users Are Comfortable On Social Media; because of how much time is spent on the networks and how often users login to Social Media they are naturally comfortable on the networks. They may not be comfortable on third party sites they do not already know about however.

4. Gain Your Fans/Followers Trust; because Social Media users are comfortable on these networks it is a perfect opportunity to build trust with your target market. This allows them to feel more comfortable in your store or on your website where you will convert them into paying customers.

5. Stay On Top Of Mind; Social Media is not like a website, where you set it up and leave it. Social Media requires daily actions including Status Updates. This allows you to always be on your target market’s mind, so when they are ready to purchase they think of you first.

6. Word Of Mouth Marketing Is Powerful; as a business owner you know that word of mouth marketing can be the best form of marketing. Social Media networks make recommending or sharing companies, products and services extremely easy. We often refer to Social Media as, “Word of mouth marketing on steroids.”

7. Education; educating your target market on why you’re needed can be a daily task for some businesses and for every business educating their target market is always beneficial.  Social Media can be an extremely powerful education tool by sharing articles, videos and testimonials with your Fan and Follower’s base.

8. Any Business Can Use Social Media; Social Media might be the first form of marketing that doesn’t have a price tag associated with it. This allows any business, regardless of size the ability to use this powerful brand building tool. Do not get us wrong, Social Media takes time and time is money, but for the small business with more time than money this is the perfect marketing solution.

9.  You Are Expected To Be On Social Media; just like when the web was first taking off and you were expected to have a website your clients now expect you to be on Social Media. It is often where your potential clients go first to learn about you. How much business are you losing by not being on the network?

10. Just Because You Are Not On The Network, Does Not Mean You Are NOT On The Network; before you take a double take and clam I messed up let me explain. Many businesses stay away from Social Media to avoid the negative comments from unhappy customers. They think if they are not on the network, they won’t have to worry about the negative comments. Unfortunately, this is far from what really happens. If an unhappy (or even a happy customer) wants to talk about you they will, they will just do it in a Status Update for all 200 (average) of their Facebook friends to see. If you’re on the network you give them an area to communicate with you and the opportunity to correct the issue. Just because you are not voluntarily on Social Media, does not mean you are not being mentioned on the networks.

11. It Is Actually Fun; BONUS, another free reason. Once you learn the networks, get in the habit of using the networks daily and start building real relationships that result in increased sales you find that Social Media is actually a lot of fun.

There you have it, 11 reasons why you should be using Social Media within your business. The challenge for many business owners however is using the networks effectively and correctly. Want to learn the right and wrong way to use Social Media? To learn the RIGHT way contact us, chat with us and let us help you. Want to learn how to do it the WRONG way, do not contact us, jump in on your own and wait and see what happens. Do not make the common mistake of jumping into Social Media without a plan, do more research, educate yourself and use Social Media correctly.


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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be Using Social Media

  • Great article, I just e-mailed it to my mother and ironically discovered this article via Twitter!  So the article is right on with the information!

    On that note, @stylebymeli:twitter and don’t forget to check out my fan page while you’re at it! ;)


    • Thank you for the comment and sharing the article. That is a prime example of the power of Social Media! We will take a look at your FanPage and follow you on Twitter.

      Be sure to checkout our other many articles on Social Media and how to use it to increase business awareness!

      ~ Trevor

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