3 Ways For Businesses To Build A Facebook Fan Base

Facebook is a powerful network with roughly 750-million users, it’s no wonder that small businesses are jumping on the network to help build brand awareness and increase profits. However, many are finding that simply having a FanPage is not enough, in fact merely having a Facebook FanPage does a business almost no good, in fact it can actually HURT your business. One of the biggest challenges that a business can have is growing their Fan base on Facebook. We are going to take the uncertainty out of this challenge and provide you with three techniques you can use right now to grow your Fan base.

Technique #1: Interacting On Other Established FanPages

We are starting with this technique for a reason, we know that you may not finish this article (we hope that you do and that you share it with your network by hitting the “Like” and +1 buttons) and we feel that just knowing this technique can really help you start growing your FanPage immediately. When using Facebook as your Fan Page search for other businesses in your industry and in your community. When you find a page in your industry or in your community you will want to have your FanPage like this other page, you do this the same way that you would using your personal profile. When liking other pages you want to focus on ones that are established, this means that they are actively posting status updates AND receiving comments and interaction from their Fans. Once you find and like these pages, all you have to do is comment on the page’s status updates (as your page). Your comments can answer their questions or provide your input on their topics. Do not misunderstand us, this is NOT an invitation to spam these pages. Appropriate status updates are only those that provide value, if you are just selling your services your comment is likely to be ignored or deleted completely. This technique allows you to get your name in front of your target market and your target market to follow your comment to your page where they will “Like” your page and become a valuable Fan.Get in a habit of spending some time on your Fan Page’s News Feed commenting on other page’s status updates at the same time you make a status update on your profile. When using this approach you will see a gradual growth in your Fan Page and most importantly from your target market.

Technique #2: Put Your FanPage URL Everywhere 

This technique might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many small business owners get on Facebook and then don’t share or tell anyone about their new page. It’s almost as if they are uncertain about using Facebook so they are embarrassed to tell their friends, family and current customers. Let us tell you, don’t be afraid to tell everyone about your new page! The fastest way to build your Fan base is to get your current customers on the network. There’s only one way to truly do this, put a link to your new page EVERYWHERE. This means on your website (preferably above the fold), on your business cards, on any direct marketing pieces you are  using, any TV commercials, any Newspaper ads, anywhere that your clients can see it, especially in your storefront. This technique is important because these are the Fans that already know you, they already trust you. These are the clients that are going to interact with you on your page without much effort and at the same time introduce you to their friends on Facebook, which again helps your network grow. Be proud that you’re using the newest and possibly the most powerful tool for your business, tell everyone about your network and watch your Fan base grow.

Technique #3: Facebook Ad Campaign 

The third and final technique I’m going to share with you today is possibly the technique that is over looked by the majority of small businesses. The reason is likely because it is the only technique mentioned today that isn’t FREE. Facebook ad campaigns, similar to Google’s Adwords, are the advertisement that you see throughout Facebook when using your personal profile. What many business owners do not know is that these ads can be very targeted, you can pick the age, gender, location and even interest of the people who will see your ads. Many also don’t realize how affordable this option can be, many businesses will spend less than $100 per month on these ads and a lot of our clients are spending even less than that. If you just can’t find the time to do the two above techniques and you’re willing spend a little money on ads this might be the perfect solution for you. However, for best results and to grow your Fan base as quickly as possible we recommend using all three methods and having a fully optimized Facebook FanPage.

You are now armed with three extremely powerful methods to build your Fan base on Facebook. We hope that you will not question your efforts and start using these techniques immediately, the sooner you do the quicker you will start seeing results.

What are some of the things you’re doing to help build your Fan base, tell us in the comments field below. 




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