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“Just went for a walk with the dog and stepped in Lily’s poop, GROSS!” “Can’t believe my boss just sent me home, forget him and that stupid job!” ” Went shopping and saw a man wearing high heels, LOL & OMG!” ” S*#T, I am broke and F&^@ing PISSED!” are just a few examples of status updates that would NOT be appropriate for a business FanPage or business person to post.

Often the above pointless status updates are the main reasons business owners write off Social Media as a powerful tool to gain the trust of new clients and to keep previous clients coming back. The truth is however that these types of status updates are only a small handful of what is taking place on Social Media networks. The real connections and relationship building occurs when you personally or your business makes a status update to your profile. Therefore, you want to make sure that your status updates are not only effective yet receiving interaction from your fan base. Lets look at some key points on what makes a good status update for a business profile.

1. Open Ended Questions:

Open ended questions make for a great status update. By asking questions you are encouraging Fans and Followers to interact directly with you by starting a conversation . When asking questions make sure the question is relevant to your business’s field. If you are a baseball card shop don’t ask questions about food or other sports, keep them baseball related. Also, it’s not enough just to answer the questions and leave it alone. When Fans/Followers respond to the question you need to respond, express your thoughts on their response and even ask another question. Talk to the Fan/Follower as if they were right in front of you and you were having a conversation with them.

2. Share 3rd Party Content: 

Some may say it’s not a good idea to share 3rd party content, that you are only introducing your clients and potential clients to your competitors. And yes, that can be true, HOWEVER if you pre-screen the content that you share you will be able to avoid sharing content that would possibly send your clients to another service/product provider. By providing 3rd party content that backs up your business you are showing that it is not just you that believes in your service/product. In some cases it’s the 3rd party content that will convince your Fans/Followers to become new clients. Provide 3rd party content that supports your business.

3. Don’t Over Sell/Promote Your Services/Business: 

This is an important point to remember. Even though you joined the social network to gain new clients it’s important NOT to over promote your services or products. Social Media marketing is an opt-in form of marketing, meaning people choose to “Like” or “Follow” your brand. If they continually see you selling to them they are going to opt-out of your network (similar to changing the channel during a commercial). You want to build a sense of community on your networks, let people get to know what your business stands for and let them know there is a real person there. By limiting the number of sale pitches you post you will be able to build better relationships that will act on the sales pitch when it does show up. Also, by growing the relationship with your Fans/Followers you will create interaction, when Fans/Followers interact it shows up in their friends News Feed, creating endless possibilities for new Fans/Followers.

4. Post Often And Constantly:

This can be one of the most challenging parts of Social Media marketing. It’s not enough to merely post a status update once in awhile. In fact, in most cases once a day is not going to be enough. We highly recommend to our clients that they post 1-5 posts per day on each network they are apart of. However, before you get all stressed about this, it’s important to know that it is okay if the 1-5 status updates are the same for each network. You will have a different following base on each network (if they were the same, why would you have the multiple profiles?) meaning Fans/Followers are not likely to see duplicate posts.

5. If You’re Not Receiving Interaction, Change Your Posts

Interaction on your social profiles is the ultimate goal, without interaction you are just creating a glorified bulletin board that may or may not be viewed at all. If you’re not getting Fans/Followers to interact to your posts it’s time to look at what you’re posting and try something different. Ask different questions, post more 3rd party content, post less 3rd party content, post different types of media (video, Podcasts, etc), talk about different (yet still relevant) topics and so on. Whatever you do, don’t do the same thing and expect different results (isn’t that the true definition of insanity?).

These are just 5 key points to a good status updates. The process can be challenging and at times disappointing, however once you find what works with your target market all you have to do is rinse and repeat and watch your network, traffic and client base grow!

Need help coming up with status updates, or staying on top of your social networks? The Social Brothers offer monthly maintenance programs for businesses of all sizes. With our monthly maintenance programs we work directly with you and your team to come up with successful status updates and make sure they are being posted regularly. Social Media can be time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. The Social Brothers can handle your Social Media needs and allow you to focus on what matters most, YOUR BUSINESS! Find out more about our monthly maintenance programs by visiting our Services Page or Contact us to find out more details on our services and how we can help your business get the power of Social Media!


Article written by Trevor Kohlhepp with Social Brothers, LLC

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  • Becca Niederkrom

    Great article, I agree on all of those points.  
    Well done =)

    • Social Brothers

      Thank you Becca! We appreciate the comment and glad that you enjoyed the article! ~ The Brothers Trevor & Nick

  • Social Brothers

    Thank you Becca! We appreciate the comment and glad that you enjoyed the article! ~ The Brothers Trevor & Nick