Social Media…. Is It Enough?

We are often asked by friends, clients and business owners if they start using Social Media if they can stop all other marketing and advertising. Even more often the people asking this question are surprised even almost shocked that the answer is almost always no. Social Media is extremely powerful, however when used correctly it will work hand in hand with your current marketing strategies. Allow me to explain this by using Direct Mail Campaigns as an example. Take the fundamentals learned below and use them for any marketing campaign you’re currently running, it’ll be the same process and the same concept whether it’s a postcard, TV commercial or Flyer.

Direct Mail Campaign

We’ve all received the inevitable “Junk Mail” when going through our snail mail. It’s often in the form of a colorful postcard or disguised in a handwritten invitation sized envelope. It’s sole propose is to peak your interest in their service or product. Unless the individual receiving the mail has some interest, these postcards and letters can go straight to the trash and even the people that are interested eventually forget about the marketing piece and throw it away or the “special” offer expires and again it’s thrown away. So how does Social Media make Direct Mailing Campaigns more effective?

By changing your approach with the postcard or even letter you can now change where you direct the reader. Instead of asking them to drop everything they are doing and jump in the car to take advantage of a “special” offer you simply make them aware of your service and invite them to join you on Facebook or Twitter (or any other Social Network). Likely, this reader is already online or close to their computer, making it less effort to join your Social Network. However, now that they have joined the network you can continue to educate, build trust and even turn that prospect into a paying customer. Because you repeatedly were able to remind that reader of you by daily status updates and interaction you were able to stay on their mind until they had the time to visit your location or website.

As you can see, by just simply encouraging the reader to join your network you are able to visually remind them that you exist and that they want you long after your postcard was trashed. This same concept works with any form of marketing. Use your traditional marketing to drive potential clients to your Social Networks where you can educate, build relationships (trust) and promote yourself over a period of time. And, as your Social Networks start to grow by current Fans/Followers speaking about you, you can start cutting back on those costly traditional marketing campaigns.


This Article Was Written By; Trevor Kohlhepp With Social Brothers, LLC

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  • Fran

    I think you have to have a mix of  everything, they all have their part in the mix of marketing a business.

  • Karen Four

    Great post!  I think staying top of mind is key to conversion, and hence engaging your potential customers with a variety of mediums is crucial.  Have you ever noticed that if you’re looking to rennovating your house, you only notice DIY products on TV, newspapers and on the web? 

  • Social Brothers

    Karen, that is an excellent observation! It goes with the what you think about you get or in this case see. And to be there when someone is thinking about our/your product/service is key as you said, and to do that we need to be on many platforms and getting our useful information seen. Thanks again for the input Karen!

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