The Top 5 Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Social Media

“The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Social Media. ”

Everyone knows that Social Media is becoming a huge marketing facet for small businesses and large corporations alike. It is quickly becoming the leading tool for attracting new clients and keeping current clients returning. However, several businesses are finding out that it’s not easy, in fact it can be the exact opposite. Social Media is a time consuming job, and if it’s not done correctly, it will hurt a business. So what are the top 5 biggest mistakes businesses are making and what can you do to avoid these damaging Social Media no’s?

Mistake #1 – Never Doing Anything with a Profile After Setup – This is a very common mistake that I typically see with small to mid size businesses. They know the power of Social Media and have been told over and over that they need to get on the ban wagon. They finally give in and setup a few Social Media profiles. Unfortunately, no one sits down with them and shows them how to use these new profiles or they are unable to find the time needed to maintain them. They end up logging in once or twice a week for a month or so and then don’t see results and let it sit. Over time people or spam may right on the wall which is never taken care of. This makes the profile and business look abandoned, now the profile is hurting the business instead of helping.

Solution: Make sure you are setting aside 1-3 hours per day to maintain your Social Media profiles. Use this time to update statuses on your profiles, respond to customer’s statuses and comments, follow other business’s profiles and study what they are doing to get interaction with their fans/followers.

Mistake # 2 – Using Social Media as Another Form to Shove Advertisement onto People – I see this one all the time, from all sizes of businesses and corporations. Businesses that are just using Social Media as another form of advertisement are only using their Social Media profiles as another place to post their commercials, ads and other forced advertisement. There is no interaction with people and no relationship building. This approach works on radio and television, however you will not get any response from Social Media by just posting ads on your profiles.

Solution: People are relationship based beings, which is why Social Media can be such a huge tool for businesses. Social Media needs to be a tool that a business uses to build relationships with people. Make sure you are interacting with your clients, answering their questions and listening to what they want out of your profile. Ask open ended questions to increase interaction on your profiles.

Mistake # 3 – Incomplete Profile Setup – Social Media can be such a powerful tool, unfortunately if the time is not spent in setting it up correctly it can be just as harmful too. Setting up a profile can take several hours to do, especially if you have not done one before. Therefore, I see thousands of businesses setup what they feel is needed and leave everything else blank. Believe it or not, an incomplete profile, looks incomplete. This can be just as harmful as an abandoned profile.

Solution: Make sure that you fill out EVERY field that the profile gives you an option for. If you need to create additional content for a field, do it. When setting up a profile set aside 3-5 hours to fully complete the profile and don’t assume the field is not needed.

Mistake #4 – Treating Business Profiles the same as Personal Profiles – A sure way to turn a potential client off is by putting up unprofessional statuses, photos and other content. Remember that you will be using Social Media profiles to build trust with people, if you would not normally share certain information with your clients, then you do not want to put it on profiles.

Solution: Remember who your audience is, then make sure that your content and page is appropriate for that group. If your product or service is directed towards kids, then it might be okay to use modern slang. However, if your product or service is directed towards working professionals you want to make sure your grammar is geared towards those readers. Also, keep your personal life personal, unless you are branding yourself (compared to a business) do not post personal information that is not relevant to the business on your profiles.

Mistake #5 – Not Making each Social Media Profile Match - If your Social Media profiles all have a different layout, color and theme it will be difficult for people to associate them with your business. Social Media can be a huge tool used to help brand your business. Your colors, themes and photos are all part of your brand. If your Twitter, Facebook and blog have three different appearances they will not work with your business to build trust or awareness.

Solution: When creating your Social Media profiles use the same content including photos, colors and themes (if possible) in each profile. Every profile is going to as for a description of your business, write one that can be used on your main website/blog, then use the same description and make it shorter, this will be used on all of your profiles. By making your profiles the same you are using Social Media to brand and work with your business.

Conclusion: Social Media is a very powerful tool for businesses to use to grow their client base, however there are a lot of mistakes that a new business can make with Social Media. It’s important to play around with your profiles when first getting started until you find what works for you and your client base. Also, start following other businesses that are already successfully using Social Media and learn from them. Lastly, it’s important to remember that if you are guilty of doing one of the above mistakes you can always correct it. Store No More, a client of Social Brothers, was guilty of several of the mistakes above, and in just 2 short weeks from correcting these issues their follower base has almost doubled and their traffic is up on their main website with Facebook and Twitter referring the majority of the traffic.

Remember, the Social Brothers are here to help you and your business be successful in Social Media, use the comments field below to ask questions, makes comments, share your thoughts and provide success stories.


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